"America Needs Missionaries From Africa To Save Americans" - UK-Based Pastor, Roberts Liardon (Video)

According to the video making rounds online, UK-Based Pastor and Church Historian, Roberts Liardon made a shocking statement when he said, "America Needs Missionaries From Africa To Save Americans."

"America today, needs missionaries from Africa to save Americans. Today, I call some of you to pray for my country and be willing to send your best to save the citizen of my country. I'll only advise you not to stay for too long, just come and go back, because if you stay back, you will start acting like dead Americans. We need firing-Africans. 

America and Europe have become the biggest missionary in the world, it used to be Africa before but not any longer, it's now America and Europe. The people we sowed to you according to history, it's time for the harvest to come back. It's time for the harvest of the nation to come to our shores, come to our nation and help revive Europe and America, one more time," Roberts Liardon said, the UK-Based Pastor said Africa has the most..... Proceed Reading And Watch Video

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