After We Finished Eating The Suya, We Went To Bed, But I Was Shocked Waking Up to See Lifeless Bodies Of My Dad And Siblings- Woman laments

Residents of Umuagu in Umuahia the capital city of Abia State, are still in shock about the mysterious death of seven persons after a suya and fruit juice meal.

The victims, Mr. Sunday Ugba, some of his family members plus his guests met their untimely death after a suya and fruit juice meal in the night.

The man and other victims including four children that came on a holiday in his house, died after taking suya and fruit juice which he bought after a trip to Aba.

The Item-born electrician was said to have visited his building site at Aba where he spent a night, and upon return brought home the suya and fruit juice for the enjoyment of the family, After the meal, they were said to have sat back in the palour to watch television, but... Proceed Reading For More Details

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