5 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl If You Are Interested In Her

Some men make little mistakes when it comes to the woman they love. There are some questions you don't have to open up to the woman you are crushing on or interested in. 

So it is better you be in safe hands, so you won't say something that will get your crush or the woman you are interested in getting upset or start hating you. 

A wrong question can make a woman who has feelings for you back down or stop loving you, so as a man you have to be mindful of the type of words that come out from your mouth, especially when you are talking to a woman you are in love with. 

Here Are 5 Questions You Should Avoid Asking A Woman You're Interested In. 

1. Asking her if you have a boyfriend is not needed, just play cool and be nice. If she has a boyfriend, she will open up to you. So if you have a woman or lady you have feelings for, never ask her if she has a boyfriend on the first day you meet her. 

Because you are the one that has feelings for her, not the other way round, and it is early to ask such a question on a first date. 

2. How old are you? Never ask a woman’s age on a first date. Many women are not just comfortable in such conversations. With time, she will open up to you about her age when the relationship or friendship is one step ahead, but never force a woman to disclose her age to you on your first conversation with her. 

3. Asking her if you should call her. It looks childish. You collected her number, so you will be able to reach her on the phone if you guys are far from each other. 

So asking for her permission before calling her after collecting her number doesn't make sense. 

Put her on call when you know she might feel less busy, and make sure your conversation is smooth and funny. Try to make her laugh on the phone. 

 4. Asking her about her previous relationship is not needed. You should only be concerned about yourself, not her ex-boyfriend. With time, she will be the one to disclose about her previous relationship with you. 

5. Asking her if she's a virgin. It looks funny, but many guys make this mistake, and it is not funny.

 Some women see it as a turn off. How will you feel if a woman asks you whether you are a virgin or not, so it will be best to avoid such a question or conversation.

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