5 Popular Hausa Celebrities Who Got Married This Year (2021)

When a celebrity is getting married in the Kannywood entertainment industry, they usually get full support of their colleagues. 

Some of these celebrities may decide to keep their wedding ceremonies away from the public. However, there are some celebrities who like grand-style weddings with a high class that will be the talk of the town.

1. Garzali Miko

Garzali Miko is not a new name in the Hausa film industry. He is a versatile Kannywood actor, dancer, and musician. The movie star wedded his heartthrob, Habiba in August 2021.

The wedding took place in Kaduna state. Due to the presence of top Kannywood personalities, the wedding was recorded as the most famous in the industry. Many events were held which made the ceremony more interesting.

2. Khaleefa Kabir

Khaleefa tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Hafsat in June 2021. He is an upcoming celebrity in Kannywood and some stars from the industry attended his wedding ceremony. 

3. Sheikh Isah Alolo

Isah Alolo is a renowned Kannywood actor, director, producer, and comedian. The actor got married on the 26th of February 2021.

It was a memorable wedding and many Hausa celebrities and non-celebrities attended the ceremony. 

4. Hussaini Aliyu

Hussaini Aliyu is professionally known as Sahabi is among the most handsome and trending actors in Kannywood. He became famous after playing a lead role in a hit Hausa series. The wedding of this actor and his life partner took place in June 2021. 

5. Zarah Muhammad

Zarah attracted many fans due to her beauty and skills. She started her career as a dancer before she became a full actress. Zara secretly got married and keep the ceremony away from the industry. He made announced the wedding after it happened. It was said that the wedding was held in August 2021.

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