3 Points NEF Made When They Said Nothing Would Happen If A Northerner Replaces PMB In 2023

Ahead of the upcoming 2023 presidential election which the Southern governors has already agreed that the next president of the country must come from the Southern region, the Northern Elders Forum has come out to state clearly that nothing will happen if a Northerner replaces President Buhari in 2023 when his tenure expires in office.

The group through its spokesman, Hakeem Baba Ahmed made it known that they have the population which will help them win the upcoming presidential election, while insisting that the North isn't for sale especially for those who may be planning to buy their votes in exchange for money in 2023. Similarly, Hakeem while delivering his statement made 3 important points which everyone should take note and this article is meant to uncover those stringent points..Advance Reading For More Details.....N

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