2 Things Zubby Micheal's Adopted Son Could Learn From Him

Many people are still in shock that Zubby Micheal has a son named Chikamso Ejiofor which he adopted and also addresses him as his Nollywood son. Both of them have been seen in movies, which have made people who are aware of the case commend them for their good works. 

There are things this young man could probably learn and pick up from Zubby Michael that can help him become successful.

1. Hard work

Looking at Zubby, he didn't get to where he is simply by lying on a bed of roses, rather by persistence and hard work, which has made him one of the best actors. However, if Chikamso can follow this lane of hard work, he will undoubtedly succeed in becoming whatever he wants to be.

2. Non-Hostility

The Nollywood actor, Zubby, has always shown love to his colleagues in the filming industry. He has taken pictures with many of them and has always made sure he gets to know them better. This is another thing his adopted son might learn from him as he grows.


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