2 Things That Yoruba And Igbo People Should Agitate For Instead Of Biafra And The Oodua Nation

These days, Nigeria has been facing many issues like insecurity, the bad economy, open grazing and so on that seems to be skyrocketing every day without a single sign that it will die down anytime soon.

However, despite all these problems, some Yoruba, and Igbo people are still channeling their efforts into agitating for the breakup of the South-West and the South-East regions of Nigeria to break away and become a sovereign country, which they name the Oodua Nation and Biafra.

These people believe that breaking away from Nigeria is the best method for them to escape the problem Nigeria is facing, but instead of agitating for a break-up, it would have been a good idea if they could channel their effort towards these 2 things..... Advance Reading For More Details...a

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