2 Things That May Happen Soon In Kaduna, If The Frequent Attacks Continues In The State

For a long time, now there have been frequent reports of attacks, and killings in the Northern states. Kaduna happens to be in the middle of all these.

The Governor of the State has tried to put in measures, to bring an end to these banditry activities, but all efforts have proven to be abortive.

Recently, it was reported that some unknown gunmen, raided a community in the State, and abducted some members.

According to Daily Post, the Gunmen, who were suspected to be a bandit group, launched an attack in the early hours of Tuesday, on Keke Community in Chikun Local Government Area, and they succeeded in abducting about 18 members of the community.

The Media stated that the Gunmen were about 20 in number, and the incident occurred at midnight. The men entered the community, with violent gunshots, to scare others away. They selected their victims and went their way, From the look of things, Kaduna is....Proceed Reading For More Details 

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