2 Restrictions To Give Your Wife If You Want To Maintain Your Respect

Unarguably, when a man and a woman are legally declared husband and wife, Christianity said that they have become one in Christ. 

This is so true because, as married couple, they will henceforth be regarded as one. But the duration of their union is not guaranteed. That is to say that they can still break up if there are no rules to guide their activities and actions.

One of the major reasons why marriages crash is disrespect. Of course, a man need to respect himself and his wife, and the woman need to respect herself and her husband. But as many different traditions may have it, a woman is required to accord more respect to her husband, and not the other way round.

Men hate it when they are disrespected by the women whom they have paid their pride price. Most times, disrespect comes as a result of lack of rules, regulations and restrictions, therefore, as a man, you need to give your wife these 5 restrictions below, or closely manage their activities instead... Proceed Reading For More Details

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