2 Reasons Why All Northern States Should Ban Sales Of Land And Housing Without Govt Approval

The Kano State government has imposed a new development in the state's housing market that is generating mixed reactions from people. The order, which was issued last week and took effect this morning for all districts, will not allow property owners without approval to sell their homes or rent them out unless they have obtained written permission first-hand with an Area District Head as proof of validity. While some are wondering why this drastic measure was necessary, others praise it as a step in ensuring security and stability for all residents living within its borders.

Governor Abdulahi Ganduje of Kano State

The recent order by the government of Kano State to reinforce security has many people in uproar. It is not uncommon for a single state or province implementing new policies but this decision goes against what others have done before, and it could be more problematic than beneficial because there are several important benefits that other northern states can take from this policy which I will go through below:

1)Strengthen control over borders with Boko Haram-held areas and reduce cross border crimes like smuggling .

The Kano State government is taking a proactive approach to dealing with immigration. They are going through new policies that will enable the monitoring of foreigners, and citizens who have recently arrived in order for them not only record their data but also make sure it's up-to date before they can get involved fully into society as well prevent any problems or crime from occurring because there might already be one happening without anyone knowing about it yet.

2) Prevent influxes into Northern Nigeria and enhance emergency response capabilities.

The northern region is a hotbed for insecurity and banditry. When all the other states in this area pass similar laws, it will be much easier to monitor who's coming into your borders with an order like Kano State’s new resolution that requires newcomers present permits or else they're blocked from moving within their borders. This will also help to Improve coordination among law enforcement officers.

I believe that one of the ways to tackle insecurity in Nigeria is to enforce this order throughout all the states in Nigeria. But I believe it should first be tested in Northern Region and then every state is given a means of identification.This will alert the State Government when there are criminals or Bandits coming into any state.

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