2 People That Lost Their Lives While Trying To Emulate Or Recreate A Bible Story

As a Christian, one of the important things that you should have in mind is how to live a holy life like Jesus Christ and also try to emulate the characters, lifestyle, and story of some important personalities from the Bible. For example, a man can decide to start living his life like the Biblical David, Solomon, Peter, Paul, Daniel, or even Abraham; the father of Faith.

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However, some people have gone too extreme while they were trying to emulate the lifestyle, the story of a Bible Character. Some people even went as far as trying to recreate and make a real-life situation of what had happened in the Holy book. In the bid of this, we will be sharing with you some people who lost their lives while they were trying to copy the story of a Bible character in this present time.

1. Bishop Daniel Abodunrin

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Sometimes in 1991, a Prophet in Ibadan that is known as Bishop Daniel Abodunrin tried to recreate the story of Daniel in the Bible but that didn't go well.

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According to reports, the popular Man of God went in to the Zoo not to snap pictures with the Lions but to demonstrate that the God of Daniel in the past is still alive but that didn't go well as he was torn by the Lion when he entered into the lion cage.

2. James Sakara

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Another person that died while he was trying to emulate and recreate a story from the Bible is James Sakara. Before his death, he was a Pastor of Zion Church in Zambia but the Man of God met his Waterloo after he tried to do like Jesus.

From reports, he asked his church members to bury him alive for three days just like Jesus Christ was buried in the Bible and he was doing it with the intention of resurrecting after spending those days inside the grave but that didn't come out well he finally lost his life.

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