2 Mistakes Whitemoney Is Making That Could Affect His Chance Of Winning The Grand Prize

The chances of Whitemoney walking out of the big brother house with the grand prize of 90 million naira is very large. This is because overtime, the Igbo businessman has been able to prove to his fans that he is potent and capable of becoming the winner of the show through his character, charisma and enthusiasm.

Truth be told, Whitemoney is currently making some mistakes that could make him loose his chances of becoming the grand winner of the show. After few research and close observations, I have come to realize that if Whitemoney continue in his present state, the chances of winning will be punctured.

1. Overconfidence

Whitemoney has escaped quite a number of eviction and this has given him so much confidence in himself. He has built confidence in his character, influence and dedication in the house that he now place himself as the winner of the show., Just recently, as reported by daily post newspaper, Whitemoney boasted of............Proceed Reading For More Details

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