2 Facts That Prove Ndi-Igbo Did Not Descend From Israel As They Claim

It is now a popular view among some sections of Ndi-Igbo that they descended from Israel. This group traced their progenitor to Eri, the fifth son of Gad, one of the sons of Jacob. Although there have been different debates surrounding that history, this group is not relenting.

The Bronze Statue A Man Believed To Be Eri Erected In His Obi In Aguleri

In this article, we are going to be exposing two facts that proves, Igbo people did not descent from Israel. So, this false claim can be put rest for good. That been said, let's get started.

1. There are different Accounts Of The History
The reason why the claims of the Igbo people that they descended from Israel may just be false claim, is that there are different oppose histories. Although, most of the records has it that Eri the son of Gad is the father of the Igbos. There are different stories surrounding it, which are unconnected, except that they are from Israel.

According to Guardian August 23, 2021, Eri was alleged to have left Egypt during their sojourn in that country. They said he foresaw the impending slavery coming to his people, and could not bear it. So, he escaped through the Nile, River Benin and settled at the bank of River Niger. A place known in the present-day as Agulueri.

The other account has it that Eri is among the lost tribe of Israel during their exile in Persia. This record insists that some of the exiled Jews left Persia and.... Proceed Reading For More Details

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