19Yrs Old Girl Escapes From Kidnappers by Jumping Through The Window Of A Storey Building (Video)

Sirin N.E. fell 10 metres to escape a building in Antalya, Turkey yesterday
She claimed she had been kidnapped by men from Iran who wanted to 'sell' her
Video shows the terrifying fall, which was broken by a parked car before the young woman hit the pavement

Shocked onlookers ran to help and she was taken to hospital in a neck brace 
A police investigation into the incident is ongoing 

A teenager has made a dramatic escape after allegedly being kidnapped and tortured by jumping out of a window.

Footage of the moment shows the 19-year-old woman dangling her legs from a first floor window before jumping from the building in the Turkish city of Antalya on Thursday.

The young woman, named in local media as Sirin N.E., hit a parked car before landing roughly on the pavement, sending shocked onlookers rushing to help her, Before the jump, passersby, not understanding she was allegedly danger, tried to .. Proceed Reading And Watch Video

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