What Could Have Made This Lady Slap Her Fiancé So Hard After He Proposed To Her?

A man proposed to her lover in public. After his lover exclaimed for joy, she gave him a dirty slap. What happened in this video is quite weird, and it has sparked up mixed reactions online. 

What could have made the lady slap her fiancé that hard? Everyone knows that there is nothing wrong with proposing to your lover. And it was not as if the lady was not happy about the proposal. First of all, she expressed her shock, she shouted for joy and was even heard saying “yes”. After that, she gave the man a dirty slap, which made him stand up and walked out angrily. 

There are a lot of possible perspectives to this video. Nobody really knows the reason or motive behind the girl slapping her fiancé.

One might say that the lady was overjoyed, which made her react. But how possible is that? Mind you, she didn’t just give her lover a friendly or soft slap. It was a very loud one that made everyone in the environment scream in surprise. 

So, how could that have been due to her feeling joyous? I feel this is too extreme to be done out of joy. Some people might also say that she might be trying to say “What took you so long” with that slap. This is also supposed to be a friendly slap, and not the one she gave her fiancé. 

So, what could actually be the cause? I’m sure the girl might not mean any harm with the slap, of course, no one will want to ruin such a joyous moment for themselves.

According to what can be seen in the video, the man did the right thing. He proposed like a gentleman on one knee. The girl already expressed how happy she is, telling him yes. What followed is a slap from the lady to the man. The man who felt embarrassed walked out angrily while the lady tried to apologize.

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