They Dragged Them Out of Our Vehicles And Beat Them To Death - Driver Of Fulani Muslims Killed In Jos

They Dragged Them Out of Our Vehicles And Beat Them To Death - Driver Of Fulani Muslims Killed In Jos.

As Nigerians are trying to unfold what might have transpired during the attack on innocent Fulani Muslims travelers from Ondo State to Bauchi State when they were attacked on the Rukuba Road in the Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State on Saturday, August 14, 2021, that led to the death of at least 22 of them. Mr. Adeniyi Oluwasola who was a driver of one of the buses conveying travelers revealed what happened in an interview with Punch.

Mr. Oluwvasola said five of them (drivers) were hired by the Fulani Muslims from Akoko in Ondo State to Bauchi State where they were taken to the Zikri Islamic program in their hometown in Bauchi State under the leadership of the revered Islamic cleric, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi on August 12, 2021. The program went well and was asked to be conveyed back to Ondo State.

According to Oluwashola, the program ended on Friday evening and took off early Saturday morning in a convoy the same way they came. Fortunately for them, they got to Jos around 10 am. But to their surprise, as they stepped inside Jos, they saw many youths on the road, who have barricaded the road and brandishing different types of weapons such as cutlasses, arrows, guns, broken bottles, and others.

Unfortunately, the Youths started to open their buses and dragged everybody out, some people who try to flee were beaten to death and a vehicle ablaze. But for the mercy of God in the life of Oluwashola, as the youths were dragging people out of the buses, he quickly put his bus in the reverse gear and drove with it for 10km even though his bus windscreens was smashed by the youths. He further said after he drove far away from the youths, he took the expressway to Abuja.

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