The Imam Who Dared Buhari Over Insecurity May Land Himself Into Trouble Over His Choice Of Words

Sheikh Nuru Khalid, the Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, has chastised President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to combat banditry in the country. President Buhari has come under fire from prominent Nigerians for how he has handled the country's insecurity problem.

In a viral video, the Imam swore that if the President does not return Nigeria "united and without bandits," Allah (God) will deal with him. During his Friday sermon, the cleric told worshippers that Buhari must ensure that the threat is eradicated before leaving office.

“Go and tell the President that under his government, some groups of people are issuing threats to local communities, demanding that they pay some amounts of money or face attack,” the Imam said in Hausa.

“And they would collect the money and publicly announce on the BBC that they would be paid this Friday [to avoid attack].”

“Tell the president that there is a country to which we owe allegiance, and there is a part of the country we don't know about that is ruled by bandits.

“Either the president should return the country to a state where bandits are not killing people in any way — just as he took over or Allah (God) will deal with him, Here's the message. I'm saying this in an open........Proceed Reading For More Details.

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