Possible Reasons These 5 APC Chieftains From The South Shunned Buhari Son's Wedding In Kano

Despite the heavy presence of political heavyweight especially from the opposition party at the wedding of Yusuf Buhari, the son of Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, some chieftains of the All Progressive Congress who are believed to be close allies of the president were conspicuously missing in Kano on Friday.

The wedding which has continued to be talk of the town since Friday was a complete package of glamour, punctuated with convergence of those that matter in the scheme of politics in the country.

While their attendance does not really spring a surprise considering the calibre of the groom parents, what made it a big issue however was the fact that leaders of opposition party who were not ordinarily expected to be there because of their political leaning all proved everyone wrong that politicians can be united irrespective of their party affiliations.

This therefore call to question why people who are percieved to be associates of the president from Southern part of the country were not sighted at the venue. Here are ome of the APC chieftains missing at the wedding and likely reasons they were not there.

1. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

The National Leader of the All Progressive Congress has reportedly been in the United Kingdom for some weeks and the rumour had it that he was undergoing a medical treatment. 

In order word, Tinubu is not in the country and he is not expected to jet down to Nigeria in such a health condition just to be at Buhari son's wedding.

2.Bisi Akande

Bisi Akande is one of the APC Board of Trustees members and he has always been active when it comes to the party's affairs even at his old age. However, one thing that is clear is the fact that Akande usually moves along with Tinubu. Perhaps, he could not make it to Kano simply because Asiwaju is not around.

3. Adams Oshiomole

Since the formal chairman of the party has been sacked by federal high court, he has been piping low in the scheme of APC affairs. Compounding his situation was the defeat APC suffered in the last Edo governorship election. 

Oshiomole who backed Osagie Ize-Iyanmu of APC and vowed to end Godwin Obaseki's government in his first tenure, was technically degraded politically through the election. Since then, he has not been regular in most of the party activities both at the National and state level. This perhaps could account for reason he was not in Kano on Sunday. 

As a party leader, who had received bullets of accusation for many woes befalling the party in many states where it used to hold sway, there is need obviously a need for him to take it slowd this seems to have informed his absence in most of the gathering that has to do with the party.

4. John Odigie- Oyegun

Just like Oshiomole, nothing much has been heard of Oyegun since he was forced to quit the office at the expiration of his tenure as chairman of APC which orchestrated the emergence of Adams Oshiomole in 2018.

Oyegun was believed to be one of the disgruntled leaders of the party but as an elder statesman, he forged on and remains in the party. At the state level in Edo, the leadership of the party was hijacked from him by Oshiomole during the state electioneering activities.

Oyegun was believed to have pitched his tent with Obaseki despite being the candidate of PDP in the governorship election. The former Edo Governor has since then remained in his Benin country home where he offers advices to the party and the young politicians.

His absence at Buhari's event could be due to his inactivities at the national level of the party over the years.

5. Ibikunle Amosun

The former governor of Ogun state is believed to be closed to the president and that seems to be the reason he still remains at the party. At the state level, he is like an opposition to the ruling party.

Since the 2019 general election when he sponsored his candidate, Kunle Akinlade from another party to run against Dapo Abiodun who was the APC candidate, Amosun has never been on the smooth path with the party in Ogun state.

Rumour had it that he is holding meetings with PDP leaders and may likely make his intention known in the coming days. It would therefore not be surprising for him to be absent in Kano since his arch political rival in his State, Dapo Abiodun will be there. This to a large extent was a smart move by Amosun.

Nevertheless, the presence of heavyweight politicians at the event has overshadowed those who did not show up because of one reason or the other.

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