My Head Is About To Explode, BBN Dorathy Cry Out After Eff Barged Into Her House At Late Hours Of The Night (Video)

BBN’s Dorathy Bachor accuses EFCC of barging into her house at an ungodly hour .

According to her Narration;

I FEEL LIKE MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE, I’M famousUs dk NUMB famousb Then one of them said they At 4:45amI heard a loud were looking for someone sound and voices followed who ran into my estate and I after, I rush out almost should lock my door, stay naked to see 5 fully armed indoors and not say a word.

@officialefcc men in my I’m shaking at this point and living room and one of them so confused because how saying “oh na that big exactly is this even okay.

brother babe be this” in my confused state Im trying to understand what in the hell was going on , why did they break down my door. Send message Send message.

Still shaking I’m trying to close my already broken door when My sister screamed my name and I ran back upstairs to see my mum almost having a panic attack. @officialefcc ON GOD YOU HAD NO RIGHT .

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