Maria Was Milked Dry, The Only Week She Was HOH, She Couldn't Do Anything With It" - Uti.

When the Big Brother show started, Maria and Pere were the two wildcards who came into the house along with other housemates and after the housemates couldn't figure out they were, they joined the race for the prize money and since then, they haven't been up for eviction not until of recent where Maria was up alongside 5 others. Eventually during the live eviction show today, three of them were evicted and Maria happened to be one of those with Sammie and JMK the other two. 

For some, Maria' leaving Biggie's house was a shocker while for some, it's what comes with the game as anything can happen at any time. Reacting to Maria's getting evicted, former BBA Winner, Uti Nwachukwu had this to say. In his words, he said 

This Babe was milked dry!

Made a wild card!

The only week she was HOH she couldn't do anything with it!

She executed the secret task perfectly! No immunity reward!

Before nominations, she was punished heavily and the HOH was told they couldn't save her!

And now she's out👏🏾 SHOCKER

What do you make of this?

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