Man Reveals He Was Told To Bring His Mum For Rituals, Advises People Not To Do Yahoo-Yahoo (Video)

A man simply identified as Success has revealed what what happened to him after decided to venture into advanced fee fraud, commonly known as Yahoo-Yahoo. According to him, he said that he had two Camry and IPhone 12 Pro Max and was living a big life when he was still collecting money through illegal means.

 The man who was seen wearing only a singlet and short said that he is a student of Imo State University (IMSU) and that he is studying Economics; he said he was supposed to graduate next year but what he put his hands ruined his chances of graduating.

Speaking on using his mother for rituals, he said "VIP Avalon Boys" told him to use his precious mother for rituals, but he refused. He said since he refused to use his mother for rituals, he came back to square zero and has been feeding from hand to mouth, and begging for food.

He alleged that when he was still into advanced fee fraud, he collected N10M, N5M and traveled to different states in Nigeria and even went to Cameroon and Benin Republic, but today he has lost his senses. He advised people not venture into advanced fee fraud that the end result is not always good.

You Can Watch Video Through Link below:

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