"If you come up for eviction again you might go, keep being you'' ~ Whitemoney advises Pere

Last night's Sunday Eviction was an absolute shocker. We expected two housemates to be evicted but it all turned out to be a scary case when Ebuka called out Maria to leave the house. A big surprise for the Housemates because they felt Maria has a strong fan base outside the house. 

It was a close one for Pere, he managed to pass Maria with a little margin. White Money felt the surge to advise him on how to stay longer in the house. He told him that bringing out his true colors will be the only saving card for him. Stylishly he tried to open his eyes that acting will not work in this game. And since it's a reality show, Viewers want to see the Real You. 

....Keep doing what you're doing. Be yourself. If not, if you come up again you might go. Keep being you. People clearly like that..... White Money

White Money with another word of wisdom for Pere, he knows Pere is acting another character in the house which would not save him. His true colors will be the only way for him to make it in that house. 

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