I Mistakenly Slept with my wife’s twin sister And she didn’t even speak out to stop me – Confused Nigerian man

I mistakenly slept with my wife’s twin sister & she didn’t even speak out to stop me – Confused man

A Nigerian man (not the same as the one in the picture) recounted his disbelief after discovering that he had inadvertently slept with his wife's twin sister and that she did nothing to stop him.

Something dreadful has just occurred, and I am now completely befuddled and trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.

My wife has a twin sister who is very similar to her in appearance, and I am aware of the difference and do my best to distinguish between the two using signals and hints, even though her twin sister does not live with us and only visits us on occasion.

Something happened recently; I returned home from work a few weeks ago, and I arrived home a little late at night due to the traffic congestion in Lagos. The fact that my wife had not informed me that her twin was visiting meant that I had to use my spare key to enter the door, as I do on occasion. As I walked through the parlour, I noticed a person (who looked like my wife) sitting in a chair, clothed in a lovely manner though she was asleep.

After all, how would I have known it wasn't my wife when they both look so similar and she didn't inform me her twin was arriving until that day? On the evening, I softly dropped my luggage on the chair and pounced... Proceed Reading For More Details

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